Fix android market insufficient disk space problem

Insufficient disk space problem will occure when we try to download an application that over then 30Mb. That several ways to prevent this problem.

For unroot android device

  1. Close android market
  2. Go to settings > applications > manage applications > select all > market
  3. Click Force Closed
  4. Click Uninstall Updates
  5. Try to download the application again

If the application still can not to download after do the steps above, reboot your android device everytime this problem occure.
There`s no way to completely fix this problem if your device still unroot. well … just wait until google fix this bug.

For root android device

  • Method I : Turn off android market auto updater
    1. Turn off android market auto-update
    2. Install terminal emulator or similiar application (you can find it from android market)
    3. Uninstall updates like in unroot methode
    4. launch terminal emulator, type

      pm disable

      if someday you want to update android market

      pm enable

  • Method II : Using Script
    Install script 01newcache

    1. Android device kernel must support init.d
    2. Download and extract
    3. Open RootExplorer
    4. find 01newcache extract folder, copy 01newcache
    5. Go to /system/etc/init.d/ click at top right “Mount R/W”
    6. Paste 01newcache here
    7. Select and hold on 01newcache icon until option windows popup
    8. Select Permission
    9. Check at read, write and execute (enable), leave the last option uncheck
    10. Click “Mount R/O”
    11. Reboot the device

    Note: This method have a weakness, when it`s download more than one file that over than 30Mb, you will meet “insufficient disk space” message again. And the lasting you can do is reboot the device.
    Uninstall script 01newcache

    1. Open RootExplorer
    2. Go To /system/etc/init.d/
    3. Click “Mount R/W”
    4. Then delete 01newcache file.
  • Method III : USing custom Kernel
    Some custom kernel can change the virtual cache become 50Mb, such as AF974-V.2.0 custom kernel for samsung galaxy tab.

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