Fix Android Smartphone Low Speaker Volume

htc phone speakerRead at forum, some user has troubled with their speaker output sound. In some case the low output volume cause by the ROM that they used. But it could be from the phone it self.

The easiest method to fix low speaker volume

Download and install  Volume+ (Volume Boost) (0)
This application works almost on android device.

The hardest method to fix low speaker volume

This method are works in HTC.

  • HTC Sync
  • MSL/SPC code (it should be reset to 000000)
  • Download QPST 2.7.362


  1. Go to diagnostic mode, dial ##3424#
  2. Connect HTC to PC/Laptop
  3. Open QPST
  4. Click start client
  5. Select service programing
  6. Insert your MSL/SPC code
  7. Click read from phone, Do Not Make a Change on Other Value!!
  8. Click on sound tab
  9. Change the volume value, the max value is 4
  10. Click Write to phone
  11. Reboot


  • Using value 4 (max volume) is not recommanded, because it could break your phone speaker
  • If you have error warning .. just ignore it

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

htc phone speaker

Fix Android Smartphone Low Speaker Volume

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