Fix GPS trouble in Samsung Galaxy S Series

Your Samsung Galaxy have GPS issue? it`s not hard to fix this trouble.

Fix GPS trouble

  • Go to menu -> settings -> Location & Security.
    Uncheck “Use Wireless Networks”
  • Open the Dialler and type *#*#3214789650#*#* and call/send.
  • Those command will open the Vibrant’s LbsTestMode menu.
  • At LBSTestMode menu, Click on “Application setting”
    Change operation mode from Standalone to MS Based
  • Still at LBSTestMode menu find “SUPL/CP Settings”
    change the SERVER & PORT to and port 7276 (DO NOT use www. in front of supl !)
  • Reboot your phone
  • Go to menu -> setting -> location & security
    Check “Use Wireless Networks”.
  • Done

Now feel the different, locating and locking more faster and accurate.

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