Fix hardbrick and softbrick Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Made modification in android is never without risk.
Softbrick is a condition when your device cannot booting or got stuck in logo.
Hardbrick is a condition when your device is completely dead.

Fix Hardbrick Galaxy Pocket

  1. Remove Sim Card, SDcard and the battery from device.
  2. Using USB cable, connect galaxy pocket to PC / Laptop (without battery)
  3. Press and hold Volume[+] and volume[-] buttons
  4. Still hold the buttons and put the battery back
  5. Wait until it`s boot in Download mode
  6. Flash the device using Odin

Fix Softbrick Galaxy Pocket

  1. Connect Galaxy pocket to PC / Laptop using USB cable
  2. Turn off your device
  3. Press rapidly Power + Volume[+] + Volume[-] buttons until the screen become black
  4. Remove device from Pc / laptop
  5. At Windows, Run Odin
  6. Once again connect the device
  7. Boot in download mode
  8. Wait until Odin recognize the device
  9. Make sure .pit is uncheck
  10. Do update OS

Alternative for fix Hardbrick device

  1. Download stockrom
  2. Open ODIN
  3. Fill all field with necessary files
  4. Turn off your device
  5. Press and hold Power + Home + Volume[-] buttons
  6. Connect the device to PC/Laptop using USB cable. (if you got stuck at prev step, just ignore it and do this step)
  7. Wait until ODIN ready
  8. Click Start button
  9. wait until all process is done.

Do With Your Own Risk

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