Fix Wifi AdHoc Problem

Some android device may have a trouble when adhoc from notebook. The default ROM usually have this kind of problem.
This tutorial need android that already root, read here to know how to root

How to Fix wifi Adhoc Problem

  1. Download wpa_suppliacant (delete .txt extansion)
  2. Open ES Explorer / Root Explorer
  3. Go to /system/bin/
  4. Rename wpa_supplicant to wpa_supplicant_backup (just for backup)
  5. Copy the wpa_supplicant file that you got from download to /system/bin/
  6. Select wpa_supplicant -> properties -> change permission
  7. Change the permission to rwx r-x r-x
  8. Restart the device

Download Support File

Download wpa_supplicant (7171 downloads)

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