Flashing ASUS Zenfone 5/6 CN, CUCC, TW to WW


ASUS zenfone firmware have some version CN, CUCC, TW and WW. Each firmware is determined were the device will released.
WW firmware is most common, because this version release for world wide.
Flashing for other firmware series (CN, CUCC, TW) to WW is also possible.
The trick is you need to change Your SKU device with target SKU firmware before flashing to new firmware that you want to use.
This should works for all firmware series.


  • Rooted ASUS Zenfone
  • Installed ADB (for windows 7 read here)
  • Installed ASUS USB driver
  • Download recovery image (it should has same version or below)

Flashing ASUS Zenfone to WW firmware

  1. Copy recovery Image to ADB folder
  2. Connect your device to PC / Laptop using USB cable.
  3. Turn off your device and boot to fast mode (Press and hold Power + Volume [+] buttons)
  4. At Windows open command prompt and go to ADB folder.
  5. Do flash recovery image

    fastboot flash recovery xyz.img

  6. Reboot to fastboot
  7. Go to Recovery trough fastboot (when android robot with exclamation mark appear press and hold volume buttons)
  8. Choose ADB Sideload
  9. Upload firmware trough command prompt

    adb sideload xyz.zip

  10. Do Wipe Cache and Data
  11. Restart and done

Now your ASUS Zenfone should have ROM and SKU that you want, OTA update is also posibble.

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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