Flashing ClockWorkMod Recovery Motorola Photon


  • Download and extract ClockWorkMod for photon (6 colors available, choose 1)
  • Download and extarct moto-fastboot
  • Rooted Motorola Photon
  • Installed Android-sdk

Flashing ClockWorkMod Recovery Motorola Photon

  1. Copy and put extract ClockWorkMod file to android-sdk/tools
  2. Rename the file become recovery-photon3.img
  3. Turn off the device
  4. Press and hold Power + Volume[-] buttons to boot in fastboot mode.
  5. Connect photon to PC/Laptop
  6. open command prompt(windows: start > run, type cmd), change path to tools folder

    cd c:\android-sdk\tools

    path can be different, depend on where the android installed folder

  7. then detect the device

    moto-fastboot devices

    If your device is not detected, try to reconnect the device.

  8. next, delete default recovery and replace it with the new one.

    moto-fastboot erase recovery
    moto-fastboot flash recovery recovery-photon3.img

  9. Done, ClockWorkMod recovery is installed

Do With Your Own Risk

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