Flashing for Upgrade and downgrade Lenovo P780 ROM / firmware


Flashing on the Lenovo p780 could be for a variety of purposes. For example, if your ROM have crash because wrong modification script, or you want to Upgrade or downgrade your Lenovo P780 firmware

Important note before flashing

  1. Make sure you’ve backup the IMEI, IMEI is important so make sure it’s secured, you can use feature from mobileuncle or you write down on some where else.
  2. Backup data and contact

Preparation before flashing

1. Driver
Make sure Lenovo P780 drivers already installed in your windows, you can use MTK drivers or other drivers that can recognize your device in windows. Windows Xp and Windows 7 is recommended for this, for windows 8 user you need other way to install the driver.
2. Flashtool
This is a common application in use by owners of android for the flashing device. This application will allow you to be able to do the flashing
3. Firmware
The Firmware is needed when you want to upgrade or downgrade the Lenovo P780 ROM.

Upgrade or downgrade Lenovo P780 Firmware

After your preparation complete, now it`s time to upgrade / downgrade the firmware.

  1. Turn off Lenovo P780 you and leave it for the moment.
  2. Run the flashtool you have downloaded earlier, when running flashtool make sure the device is not connected on your PC/Laptop. Make sure the option “DA DL All With Check Sum” has been in check.
  3. Click on the button “Scartter-loading” and then select “MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc .txt” , this file is in folder /target_bin/
  4. After that click “Download” or the firmware->Upgrade 
  5. Wait until the download process is complete.
  6. After the previous steps are completed,  connect Lenovo P780 to PC/laptop using a USB cable.
  7. The progress bar will start to move means the flashing process is already started. When there is no sign of moving means there is something wrong.
    Tips: Make sure the device is in off condition when flashing, other possibility come from the ADB driver.
  8. All you do now is wait until confirmation that process has been completed is pop-up.
  9. Remove Lenovo P780  from PC/Laptop and turn on your Device. For the first loading, the device will take a more time than usual load time .

Do With Your Own Risk


Trouble that occur because flashing is failed

Do Reset (use reset button) and redo the flash process on your Lenovo P780

Error DA DL Checksum
Solution: Maybe you forget to check “DA DL All Checksum” option, redo the flash process.

Trouble that occur after flashing complete

Sim not detected/No Signal/IMEI not Valid
Solution: Check IMEI (dial *#06# ) if you find that is not valid that try to restore IMEI backup

“Launcer Faield to Initialize – Factory Reset Needed” notification
Solution: Just follow the instruction, it will ask you to do Factory Reset


Download Support File

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