Flashing Google Nexus Factory Image

Warning!! Flashing Google Nexus will delete all data in SDcard and there is probability to brick your phone. Do a backup before do flashing.


  • Download and extract Google Nexus factory image, always check the md5 to prevent download corrupt.
  • Installed android SDK

Flashing Google Nexus Factory Image

  1. Put factory image to android-sdk/platform-tools folder
  2. Go to factory image extract folder
  3. Open flash-all.sh using text editor
  4. Open Command prompt and change the directory to platform-tools (or folder where you can find fastboot.exe)

    cd c:\android-sdk\platform-tools

  5. Turn off google nexus
  6. press and hold volume[+] + volume[-] then press and hold power buttons, boot in fasboot mode/bootloader
  7. Flash bootloader

    $ fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primekk15.img

  8. Reboot bootloader

    $ fastboot reboot-bootloade

    wait for device reboot

  9. flash radio image

    $ fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250xxkk6.img

  10. Reboot bootloader

    $ fastboot reboot-bootloader

  11. flash android image

    $ fastboot -w update image-yakju-icl53f.zip

  12. Device will auto reboot
  13. done

note: steps above using google factory image 4.0.2 icl53f

Download Google Nexus Factory Image

Do With Your own Risk

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