Flashing Motorola Photon custom ROM


Flashing Motorola Photon Custom ROM

  1. Copy custom ROM to SDcard
  2. Turn off the device
  3. Press and hold power + Volume[-] buttons until fastboot menu come up
  4. select android recovery.
  5. Select “Wipe Factory Reset” then click yes
  6. Select “advanced” > “Wipe Dalvik Cache” then click yes
  7. Select “Install Zip from SDCard” > Install zip from internal SDCard
  8. Find and select custom ROM file in SDcard
  9. Wait until the process is done
  10. Turn it off then remove the battery for few sec before put it back.
  11. Turn on the device
  12. Congratulation, the custom ROM is ready to use.
  13. Done

Do with your Own Risk

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