Flashing Official SE Stock Firmware 4.0.A.2.368 Ray_ST18i

The things that you must do before flashing

  • Make sure that your Xperia Ray Bootloader is Unlocked.
    Tutorial : how to unlock sony ericsson xperia ray bootloader
  • If your sony ericsson is unlock but using either tutorial above, you`ll need Gordon Gate
  • Plug in the microUSB to Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (don`t connect it to PC, not yet)
  • Go to Settings -> Applications
    Make sure that all unknow sources options is check
  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> Development
    Make sure that USB Debugging and Stay Awake options is check
  • Turn off your Xperia Ray
  • Download FlashTool versi 0.3.0 and Official SE Stock Firmware 4.0.A.2.368 Ray_ST18i

Tutorial Flashing Firmware

  1. Extract FlashTool
  2. Copy the Firmware Stock Sony Ericsson and paste in FlashTool_v0.3.0.0_Huryiw\firmware\
  3. The firmware must .tft, if your file still in .rar, rename it become .ftf
  4. Run X10FlashTool.exe
  5. Click on “Flash” Button
  6. Find and Select the Firmware “ST18_4.0.A.2.368_GENERIC_(1248-9545).ftf”
  7. Click “Ok”
  8. Wait until the flashTool give next order.
  9. When flashTool give the order, press and hold volume[-] and connect the USB to PC.
  10. Don`t release the volume button until PC can detect the xperia Ray.
    (home button become green light when the device is detected).
  11. When the home button become green it`s mean the device in flashing mode, release the volume[-] button.
  12. Wait until the proccess is done.
  13. When proccess is complete, remove the usb cable from PC and turn on your xperia ray. Now you got Official Firmware Stock SE 4.0.A.2.368

Download Support File

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