Flashing ROM and kernel for HBOOT 1.50 HTC evo 3D

This steps is for flashing stock rom and kernel in HTC evo 3D that use HBOOT 1.50. Somehow, flashing this HBOOT version need something special than late version.


  • Download Rootevo3dnew file and extract in place that it can easily to reach(such as C: or D:)
  • Download Recovery, you can use ClockWorkMod recovery or TeamWin Recovery Project Recovery, move those recovery file to rootevo3dnew extract folder.

Flashing HTC evo 3D

  1. At HTC evo 3D, go to menu > settings > power
  2. Uncheck / disable at fastboot menu
  3. Turn off the device
  4. Connect the HTC evo 3D to PC/Laptop via USB cable
  5. Press and hold Power + Volume[-] buttons until fastboot menu come up.
  6. At Windows, open command prompt (start > run, type cmd)
  7. Change the working path to rootevo3dnew

    cd c:\rootevo3dnew

  8. next, reboot the device and boot to recovery mode

    fastboot boot recovery.img

  9. After the device is reboot and goes to recovery image, do flash stock ROM or kernel like ussual
  10. Done

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support files

credit to:htcevohacks team

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