Flashing Samsung Galaxy S4 Using ODIN


Flashing on android could be in use for a wide variety reason. From ROM Update, Firmware, install a custom recovery and other things.

ODIN is one from many application that can use for flashing android device.

Things to consider before doing the flashing

There are a few things you need to consider before doing flashing on Samsung Galaxy s4. Flashing can fail with a variety of constraints, could cause from device or problems in the installation file.

Make backups of your important data, such as phone contact, application and move your data files from internal memory toexternal memory. Just to precaution if something happen.

Make sure USB debugging is enable before you flashing the device, just to prevent a failure when the device connects to ODIN application.

Preparation before flashing Samsung galaxy S4

As already explained above, please download the ODIN if you don’t have the application. To upgrade the firmware of course you will need firmware file that you want to use.

To get the latest firware, you could find at samfirmware. Download according firmware that suitable for your region to avoid brick after flashing.

Don’t forget to install KIES samsung Galaxy S4 or the drivers on your computer before you connect the device to your pc/laptop.

Flashing Galaxy S4 using ODIN

Turn off Samsung galaxy S4 you (if you are not sure, you can remove the battery and put it back). Turn on and boot into download mode.

Download mode can be accessed by pressing the volume [-] + Home + Power buttons simultaneously and hold until you find the display warning in S4. Remember, this mode can only be accessed from boot device conditions.

After entering download mode, press volume [+] to continue to the next step.

Now switch to your PC/laptop, run ODIN that you have downloaded earlier. Then connect your Galaxy S4 to your Pc/Laptop, wait until windows recognize your device and ODIN also detect the presence of the device.

While ID: COM field become blue means ODIN already detected the device and ready for the next step.

Click the PDA button on ODIN, find the firmware file (file is md5 format) that you want to use. Then for the option, make sure only the Auto Reboot and f. Reset Time is checked.

Now click Start button on ODIN and wait until PASS! appear on your ODIN field. It`s indicates that the flashing process is complete and success.

Generally the process of flashing itself takes no more than 15 minutes

Wait until your device restarts.

Congratulations you have successfully flashing the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Do With Your Own Risk!

Download Support File

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