Flashing Sony Ericsson Experia Play firmware 4.0.A.2.368


  • For flashing we use Flashtool, download and extract
  • Download and extract Sony Ericsson firmware R800i_4.0.A.2.368_World.rar

It`s better to make some backup

Flashing firmware 4.0.A.2.368

  1. Inside firmware that you already download and extract, you can find R800i_4.0.A.2.368_World.ftf, copy this file
  2. Go inside flashtool folder (extract), find folder with name firmwares
  3. Paste R800i_4.0.A.2.368_World.ftf file inside firmwares folder
  4. Next step, check your battery, make sure it have enough power until all the process is done. (it`s better to charge until over than 80%)
  5. Turn of your xperia play
  6. Preparte the usb cable, plug in to xperia play BUT do not connect it to PC/laptop (for now)
  7. Go to flashtool folder and run x10FlashTool.exe file (by double click)
  8. Click Flash button
  9. A small windows will show up, Make sure “wipe user data” is check, “select firmware”..”Device:R800i” “Version:4.0.A.2.368” ..etc … (ok, you are in right path).
  10. Next click OK at right bottom.
  11. You`ll see this text

    -INFO _<_ This level is successfully initialized, Preparing files for flashing, Searching Xperia

  12. Next, another guide with picture …
    • Unplug the device –> Make sure that xperia play is not connect with PC/Laptop
    • Power off the device –> already done in prev step
    • Press the back button and hold it –>pres and hold “back” button on device
    • Plug the USB cable – Connect the device to PC or Laptop
  13. Hold back button for a few sec just to make sure that it`s detect by the software
  14. Release back button, and flashing process begin. Usually this process need 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
  15. After the flashing complete, remove from PC/laptop
  16. reboot the xperia play (activate unknown sources and debugging mode )

Do With Your OWn Risk!!

Download support files

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