Flashing Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


  • Download and extract Flashtool
  • Firmware that you want to use

How to Flashing Xperia Arc

  1. Go to flashtool extract folder.
  2. Now, copy your firmware to firmwares folder inside flashtool folder (ex: c:\XperiaArc\FlashTool\firmwares\)
  3. Run X10lashtool.exe
  4. Click Flash button
  5. You can select your firmware at left coloum, uncheck wipe user data if you don`t want to delete all your data.
  6. Click OK
  7. Turn off the sony experia arc, and make sure it`s not connect to PC.
  8. Press and hold the back button
  9. Connect xperia arc to PC
  10. If arc indicator lamp become green, release the back button.
  11. The flashing proccess begin, sit back and relax until it`s done.
  12. When it`s done unplug the usb cable from pc and turn on the xperia arc. Usually the first boot took time a litte longer, so don`t panic

Do with your own risk
it`s better to backup first.

Download Support file

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