Get SDcard Full Access Privilege in Android KitKat


In Android KitKat the user privilege for write data in microSD is removed. This make explorer application from third party can not use due the limit access from Android.

SDcard Full Access Privilege in Android KitKat

To fix this privilege, here some step that you can do.

  1. Make sure that your device is rooted
  2. Download SDFix application
  3. Install on your device
  4. Run netApp SDFix
  5. When it ask for granted for root access, give it to them
  6. next, tap on continue
  7. Check on Modify, then continue
  8. Reboot your device and done

After reboot, microSD will ready to write all application.
Good Luck!

Download Support File

Download SDFix (PlayStore) (832 downloads)

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