Glance Android Concept Phone Made for Skinny Jeans

If you’re not one of those people who has the biggest pockets in the world so wide and deep that they’re able to keep an Acer Iconia Tab A100 in them without a problem, we’ve got the phone for you. This is a conceptual design, meaning that it’s certainly not based in reality at the moment, and given what it’s got going for it, we’re looking at a few years at least before something like this can become a reality. The greatest and most obvious feature here is the thinness of most of the device.

Approximately as thin as half a Samsung Galaxy S II at its thinnest point with a much thicker base so that not only can it slide into your pocket and be held up at the top, you can stand the device up on its base and have it held upright with its own weight. This device is hypothetically got a few impressive specs going for it, including a 4-inch OLED screen with scratch resistant glass, a bottom 2-inch OLED screen, 3.5 mm headphone jack (also in base), and dual speakers for stereo sound. There’s also a mini (not micro) USB for some reason or another, and one camera on the front and one camera on the back with flash (no megapixels listed.)

Along with the obviously quite unique shape of this device, the fact that the glass on the front curves up near the base allows for a unique area for buttons, here utilized for what seems like the standard four Android menu buttons, but where the search button would normally sit is a Twitter button instead. The bottom of the device, under the larger side of the device, under the base that is, the second OLED display shows several items here, Twitter notifications, Mail notifications, time, date, and battery level. This piece of the concept is very similar to the classically strange Samsung Continuum – another dual-display whose second tiny screen has similar functionality.

Now this device, again, is just a concept and of course there’s no plan to produce it any time in the near future, but give designer Alan Gerardo Farías props for making some unique stuff right here.

[via Yanko Design]


Glance Android Concept Phone Made for Skinny Jeans

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