Google Now for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

“Google Now” is replacement feature for “google search” in Android Jellybean.
The advantage from “Google Now”, you`ll get more details information and real time update information. So, don`t be shock if you`ll get more notifications.

"google now" for android ics

“Google Now” that port in Android Ice cream Sandwich (ICS) is not official from google but it`s works from enthusiastic group of XDA forum users. So please notice that maybe it has compatibility issue with some hardware or custom ROM


  • The device using android ICS
  • Rooted Android ICS
  • Installed ClockWorkMod Recovery
  • Download

Install “Google Now” in Android ICS

  1. Copy to SDcard
  2. Go to Setting > Development
  3. Check USB Debugging
  4. Turn off the device
  5. Turn on and boot in CWM recovery
  6. Choose “Install zip from SDcard”
  7. Find and select
  8. next, it will boot to “aroma installer menu”
  9. Follow the instructions
  10. Reboot and done

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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