Google`s Project Ara : Good or Bad Idea?


Project Ara is start a few years ago, when Motorola make announcement that they will build a modular phone.  It is a day when the dream to have a custom phone became reality.

You can say “it`s a Lego Phone”, because owner can change a part that they need and change with other one.

But a great idea is not always welcome for some people. But let step back and took a neutral position so we can see the good and bad from this idea.

The Good thing about Ara


This is the most important from Project Ara, a flexibility. Owner can change their phone spec to what their need.

Accelerate innovation

The innovator can concentrate their idea into one modules not a phone.  If you calculate time and fund to create a module is more cheaper than create a phone that have only one or two advantage from average phone in market.


When this phone is officially launch, a big brand will have more competitor. From that i read, Google also ready to open their module market (similar with Apps Store). So i think you can choose your module and buy them from “unnamed” developers. So, from developers point of view, they can sell and make profit more fast than today.

The Bad thing from Ara Project

Less Support

We talk about service support from what you have. Image that you have one new broken module, then when you complain they only said “it`s not compatible with module x”. With many developers that build “your phone”, the only choice you have is replace the broken part.

Less Prestige

Some people need prestige, using a modular phone will not give them more prestige.

More To Do List

Today, when we want to buy a smartphone we only give a brand or features that we want it. Then when it come to modular, as a buyer, we need to make more decision before build a phone.


There is always “lover” and ” heater”, even in a very good idea. But modular phone will bring a whole new live style. Let`s hope that Project Ara will launch soon and we can see how good or bad this phone.

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