gprs setting on Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510

Basically using gprs on Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 doesn`t need using gps and without internet connection. It`s completely free.
But a-gps need internet connection, because with bts provider support it`s makes satellite lock much faster.

In another case, if we using gps application that always connected to server and download the map like google maps that need an internet connetion. Applications like ndrive, PAPAGO etc doesnt require an internet connection, because they already have the map in SD-card


Gprs setting Tips 1

  1. Dial *#3214789650# (GpsSetup2)
  2. Choose Settings => Parameter Settings=> Address => Server Type change to 1x MPC
  3. Back, => Fix Request Setting => Session Operation change to Standalone, and then Server Option change to Local
  4. Back to main menu, select gpsOne XTRA => Xtra Enable=> choose Enable, and then click Trigger Download
  5. Done

If you want change the setting to default

  • Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Address -> Server Type: UMTS SLP
  • Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Session Operation: MS-based
  • Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Server Option: Default

Gprs setting Tips 2 (next step after Tips 1)

  1. Dial *#3214789650# (GpsSetup2)
  2. Select Commands => Delete GPS data
  3. Back, => Settings => Parameter Settings => Start mode => change to Cold Start
  4. Reboot
  5. Dial *#3214789650#, select Commands => Get position => Start GPS, wait until it got at least 6 satellite. Do this outdoor when lakukan di tempat terbuka and sky is clear for easier to get satellite signal.
  6. When you think it`s enough, Stop GPS
  7. Back to main menu, select Settings => Parameter Settings => Start mode => choose Hot Start.
  8. Reboot and Selesai.

It`s better not to change the other setting, because there is no significant result and in some case makes GPS performance more worst.

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