High speed file transfer using SwiFTP

SwiFTP is a FTP server in android. You can speed up your files transfer between your android and PC. it can be set for direct transfer (android-PC) or indirect (android-wifi-PC).

SwiFTP setting

  • Click the setup button.
  • Fill the username & password
  • The default port number is 2121.
  • The default folder is “/”
  • Do not forget to click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Start’ to enable FTP. When the application has been active, the FTP icon will appear in the top left

SwiFtp Default Gateway (windows version)

  • Click start button
  • Choose Run
  • Type ‘cmd’
  • Type ‘ipconfig’
    the result of this command will reveal the ip address for next step. so keep it.

Setting SwiFTP for direct transfer

  1. Turn on the hotspot
  2. activate SwiFTP
  3. Find the default gateway
    fill the field with ip address that you got before
  4. Browse in SDcard

Setting SwiFTP trough Wifi connection

  1. Turn on the hotspot
  2. activate SwiFTP
  3. Browse in SDcard

If the connection success (direct or indirect).At the address, type “ftp://ip-default-gateway:nomor-port”, example: “”. Now you can browse your SDcard from Windows explorer.

Download SwiFTP from android market (626 downloads)

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