Tutorial to change android bootanimation

Boring with your default android boot animation?
Follow this steps for change them …

Change bootanimation tutorial

File browser method (Rooted devices only):

  • Download bootanimation that suitable for your mobile
  • Rename become bootanimation.zip
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB and mount the storage card for file transfer
  • Put it in SDcard
  • Using RootExplorer Copy those file to /system/media/ and /data/local/
  • Rename file *.qmg di /system/media become *.qmg.bak dengan RootExplorer
  • Copy the new bootanimation that you already download to /system/bin and using RootExplorer change the file permission become rwxr-xr-x (this step will overwrite the previous file)
  • Rename file in /system/bin bootanimation become bootanimation.bak and default loop file (ex samsungloop to samsungloop.bak, if the file is exist)
  • Reboot

Tutorial to change android bootanimation

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