How to Check iPhone New Bootrom or Old Bootrom


there are 2 method:

  1. method 1:
    serial number iphone as an example SN: xx940xxxxx
    * Note that is the digit to 3, 4, and 5. The third digit indicates the year of manufacture 9 for 2009, 0 to 2010 and then digits 4 and 5 for the week-making
    * That needs to be ascertained to ensure old bootrom is 3.4 digits, and 5 should not be > 940 and or the third digit is not equal to 0
  2. Method 2
    uses software iDetector Software

    1. make sure it is installed itunes
    2. connect iphone to computer
    3. Place your iPhone in DFU
    4. Run iDetector
    5. Click the button “Is my Bootrom Old or New?”


  1. connect iphone to mac and iphone into DFU mode position
  2. click the apple that is the upper right corner then select “more info”
    iPhone bootrom
  3. then select USB on hardware list and then select Apple Mobile Device (DFU mode) from the right panel
  4. On panel details you`ll saw your iPhone serial number
    iPhone bootrom


OLD BOOT ROM – 359.3
NEW BOOT ROM – 359.3.2

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