How to Distinguish Between Original Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 clone

different-between-galaxy-s4-original-and-cloneWith the increasing demand from a product, then is not be surprised if the product has a replica / clone that has very similar appearance to the original. The differentiates is hardware and the default Applications. And from price, it more cheaper from the original.

The clone exist as the answer for people that want a device with more cheaper. But in the other side, this become opportunity for some peple to gain more profit with cheating to buyer.

If you have plan to buy Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s good you’re reading this before order / buy and get fooled.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Version in market

Galaxy S4 International Version uses the cpu Exynos
5410 and gpu PowerVR SGX 544MP with model number GT-I9500, antutu benchmark detect as Exynos 5410 cpu with Universal 5410


Galaxy S4 LTE version uses cpu Qualcomm Snapdragon
600 and gpu Adreno 320 with model number GT-I9505 (this is for the country that support LTE, e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, US, and most of the European countries)


Galaxy S4 LTE-Advanced version using cpu Qualcomm
Snapdragon 800 and gpu Adreno 330 with model number SHV-E330S (South Korea only)

The Difference between Samsung Galaxy S4 Original and clone

1. The offer price

The prices on offer by the seller of course could be far below the market price.

2. Packing and completeness

Original Samsung Galaxy S4 has a hologram sticker SEIN, this is a official warranty seal. SEIN can be found on battery and the charger.

other things that are easy to recognize is the wrapping plastic Samsung logo and you can also find the IMEI sticker indicating the poster number from that device and where the device is made.

Original warranty card from Samsung Galaxy S4 using recycled paper and it`s brown. If you find a white warranty card has been ascertained that it was a fake.galaxy-s4-packing

3. Detection Device in Applications

Original Samsung Galaxy S4 will detect in KIES when you connect the device with your PC/Laptop, if not detected ascertained it was a fake.galaxy-s4-kies-detection

Samsung Galaxy S4 have Antutu Score ranges above 27,000 while the clone only had a score around 10,000. In addition, S4 clone can only detection by old version antutu but not in the newest one.

antutu-galaxy-s4-clone-score antutu-galaxy-s4-score

Other applications that can be used to differentiate between the original and the clone is CPU-z. with this application you can quickly see the difference on hardware.galaxy-s4-cpuz

4. Hardware Differences

Check the screen resolution. The original S4 has 1080×1920 screen resolution and 431 ppi, S4 Clone have rosulution below the original.

The original Galaxy S4 Ram is 2 GB, the average clone only has 1 GB ram

The standard battery that used in original S4 is2600 Mah.

Samsung Galaxy S4 front Camera is 2MP and rear 13MP. In S4 clone the rear camera is only 9MP. This resolution can be seen in the camera application and see the maximum image resolution to be use.

Try to turn-off the NFC, in the original Samsung Galaxy S4 it can be turn-on and turn-off without any problem. But the S4 clone does not have NFC, when it go down then it cannot be active again.

5. Difference system and supporting applications

Free Internal memory default S4 have range 8 GB, this is due to the touchwiz UI application and System consume the internal memory. But in S4 clone you will get free internal memory up to 10 GB.

Try to reset all settings/ wipe to factory default. In the original S4 the display will remain as before but not for S4 clone.
In S4 clone the display and device info will changes.

It`s rather difficult to make differentiate between Samsung Galaxy s4 which one is original and clone, this is due to the latest version of clone has a default applications more like the original, such as Air Gesture, Smart Stay, Smart Scoll, Smart Pause.

What need you know about Galaxy S4 Clone

Samsung Galaxy S4 clone could also create and login to Samsung account.  So the Samsung Account cannot be determine is device the original or clone.

The current S4 Clone is very similar to the original, both in terms of box, warranty card, physical and featured in it.

To get the original Samsung S4, we recommend that you buy in official store’s.

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