How to fix bootloop in LG Optimus Black

Preparation to fix

  • LG Mobile Phone Support (B2CApp Setup)
  • IMEI Number
  • PC / Laptop
  • Internet Connection

Step by Step to fix bootloop in LG Optimus Black

  1. Install LG PC Suit (already include in SDcard)
  2. Install LG Mobile Phone Support (here)
  3. IMEI number
    IMEI number
  4. Remove battery from cellphone
  5. Hold power button and connect to PC via USB
  6. When the power is up, wait until all driver installed
    LG optimus upgrade
  7. Run LG mobile Update (B2CAppSetup)
  8. Select Customer Support
  9. Select Recovery Phone
  10. Put your IMEI number on the field
  11. Check and wait ….

There will be open a new window that show the recovery on progress. Just wait until all download complete (230mb), the cellphone will auto reboot after the download is done.

Now your LG Optimus Black is back to action.

Download Support File

Download LG PC Suite IV v4.3.5.20110131 (1178 downloads)

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