How to Hide picture or video without Apps?

This is a trick how to hide the image files and video files without using any application in Android. very simple, you only need to create file .nomedia, where function of this file is hide all media files at same folder because are not detected by the Android OS.

For this trick we will use the DOS (windows), here`s the steps:

  1. Windos (PC / laptop) click the Start Menu choose Run
    type cmd and OK, a Dos window will appear.
  2. type copy con. nomedia, then press [Enter]
  3. ctrl + z (in the cmd window will exit sign ^ Z) [enter]
  4. Then the file. Nomedia will be created
    hide file without apps
  5. type exit and press [Enter], cmd window closes.
  6. move the file. nomedia into your SDCARD, put on the folder that you want to hide.
  7. Done


  • the .Nomedia file can multiply by copy paste
  • Be sure to restart your cellphone to see the effect of the .nomedia file

How to Hide picture or video without Apps?

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