How to Partition SDcard using Parted Partition

The range of use this partition is wider than using the Recovery, that because it`s not only focus on the swap partition, ext2 and fat32. Basically the Parted is same as any other partition manager, the different is it use command prompt/adb for user visual.
Usually This partition is used to create two primary fat32 for DATA2SD purposes.

Requirement : Recovery that support partition (AmonRa / the lastest Clockworkmod)

  1. Connect the cellphone to PC, then rebooting into recovery
  2. At the command prompt type the command: adb shell
    parted partition
  3. Open parted with the command: parted/dev/block/mmcblk0
  4. To see The list of partitions and the capacity on the sdcard, type the command: print
  5. Remove the partition with the command:

    rm 1 (to delete partition number 1)
    rm 2 (to delete partition number 2)
    rm 3 (to delete partition number 3)
    delete all partitions

  6. Create a new partition with the command:

    mkpartfs primary [file system][start partition][end partition]

    first partition: mkpartfs primary fat32 0 1024
    those command above will create a new partition of 1024 MB fat32 format, 0 indicates the start partition, 1024 partition shows end, so the partition size is 1024-0 = 1024MB
    second partition: mkpartfs primary fat32 1024 1978

  7. Recheck the partition that we already create with command print
  8. If it is correct and appropriate, exit parted using the command: quit

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