HTC Desire S Security off(S-Off) and Install recovery

This tutorial HTC Desire S S-Off and root just for HTC Desire S that using HBOOT 0.98.0000 or 0.98.0002.

If you just OTA update, HBOOT in your device become 2.00.002. So, your device will not able to S-Off and root, because alpharevx and revolutionary still not support the HBOOT version.
Before OTA update, make sure your device is already in Security-On (S-On) mode.


  1. Turn off Fastboot feature in menu > setting > power
  2. Turn off HTC Desire S
  3. Press and Hold Volume[-] + Power
  4. Take a note of Desire S HBOOT version, is 0.98.0000 or 0.98.0002?
  5. Reboot
  6. If you have HTC sync in your Laptop / PC, Uninstall it and restart the Laptop / PC
  7. Download and install HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe
  8. unPlug the device for PC
  9. Go to Menu > Setting > Application > development, check USB Debugging

HTC Desire S S-Off and Recovery

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Download and extract the application (windows / linux depend on your OS)
  3. Connect HTC Desire S to PC
  4. Run revolutionary.exe (you can find this in extract folder from step 2)
  5. A Serial number will show up in command prompt, save this serial number (write on note or copy it, becarefull it`s case sensitive).
  6. Back to revolutionary webpage, fill all field to get beta key

    Your Device : htc desire s
    Hboot Version : preparation step 4
    Serial Number : seral number that you get from prev step.
    click generate key

  7. Copy the code from generate key result to command windows to continue the process
  8. Answer with Y, for question “install recovery”.
  9. Done

Now your HTC Desire S is already S-Off and have recovery installed.
Next step: Root HTC Desire S

Do With your own risk

Download support files

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