HTC Sensation CID and MID number


  • Download and extract adb, place the extract folder in place that east to path (ex: c:/adb)

Find out CID and MID HTC Sensation Number

  1. On HTC Sensation, go to menu > settings > application > Development
  2. Check USB Debugging (enable)
  3. Connect the device to PC/Laptop
  4. Open command prompt (windows) or terminal (linux)
  5. Type this in command prompt / terminal, to change the work directory and check is device connect or not

    cd c:\adb
    adb service

  6. the type this command to make the device reboot and boot to boatloader

    adb reboot-bootloader

    or you can do with manually

    • Remove the device from PC/Laptop
    • turn off the device
    • Press and hold Power + Volume[+] buttons until the bootloader menu come up.
    • Connect to PC/Laptop
  7. Next to reveal sensation CID number and MID number

    fastboot getvar cid
    fastboot getvar mid

Save the CID and MID number, you`ll need it for finding the match firmware with your htc sensation.

next step: flashing htc sensation

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HTC Sensation CID and MID number

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