Install ADB in Windows 7

This Tutorial, how to install ADB using may be slightly different from the official tutorial.

Step by step installation

  1. Download SDK from here.
  2. Extract Here at C: or drive you there (could be E:, F:, etc.), will extract to a folder android-sdk-windows
  3. Open the folder android-sdk-windows, then run the SDK Manager.exe
  4. Click Settings, check  Force https:// … sources to be Fetched using http:// …
  5. Click the Installed Packages, click Update All, and then select Accept to USB Driver Package, Revision 4 in Packages.
    For the other packages , select reject. Then click install. After the USB driver is installed, close the SDK Manager.
    Make sure you are connect to the internet, because you`ll need it for download USB Driver Package, Revision 4
  6. Then open the folder android-sdk-windows> platform-tools, copy the path (Example C: \ android-sdk-windows \ platform-tools, it`s depend on where you extract android-sdk-windows)
  7. Now go your windows desktop,  at My Computer icon, right click and select Properties, select Advanced system settings, select Environment variables, then the System variables look for the variable “Path” then click edit, then paste C: \ android-sdk-windows \ platform-tools (this path that you got from step 6) on the path, then click ok, and close.
  8. At your android, Select Settings> Applications> Development> Enable USB Debugging. Then connect the device with PC. Check Device Manager, make sure there is ADB Interface.
    USB drivers are advised to android  has been installed before
  9. Open a command prompt or in the column Search type cmd in the Start Menu and enter, follow this steps:
    1. type C: and enter
       or where drive from step 6
    2. type cd android-sdk-windows \-tools platform and enter, then ADB is ready for use
    3. For testing type adb devices and then enter, it will appear Android device serial number, it means that the ADB is already installed & ready for use.
      To use a command other ADB please see here
      If the serial number does not come out, it means there are steps above that have not done

!!Highly recommend to extract the file on the other drive instead of C drive!!

Install ADB in Windows 7

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