Install ADB in Windows (simple)

Without download Android SDK that have file size is over than 100MB (include Java SDK), actually we can use ADB files in SuperOneClick that have smaller size.


  • At your android, go to settings -> applications -> development
  • Check USB Debugging
  • Make sure your device driver is already installed.

Installing ADB in windows without Download Android SDK

  1. Download
  2. Extract SuperOneClickv1.9.5-ShortFuse.
  3. Make a folder “android” in your PC.
  4. Find files that have name begin with “adb” in extract folder SuperOneClick (There`s 3 ~ 5 files).
  5. Copy those file and paste in “android” folder that you has been made.
  6. Click windows “start” button and choose “Run” (CTR + R) then type “cmd.exe”.
  7. To check that adb in “android” folder can be use, type

    cd \android
    adb devices

    Note: change d: if your folder “android” is at another drive.

Download Support File

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