Install and settings Playstation 1 Games Emulator on Android

Do you miss your old games in Playstation 1? Now you can play your games in your android device. If your device is Sony Xperia Play (or other xperia series) you`ll don`t need this emulator, just make sure that your device have PlayStation Certification.


  • Download FPse
    This FPse version is 0.10.63, it`s support for call games that store in iso file, load and save state, load and save from memory card
  • Download BIOS for playstation
  • Playstation Game ISO
    If you have playstation games, you can corvert it using Power ISO or similiar application that can produce ISO file from CD.
  • Android device (root/unroot)

Install and settings PS1 Emulator on Android

  1. Copy PSem apk, BIOS and ISO game to internal memory
  2. Install PSem
  3. Run PSem
  4. Click at menu > Setting
  5. You only need to setting the system and input
  6. First, go to system, click at Bios setting, find and search BIOS file that has been download.
  7. Save as default config
  8. Now, go to Input, click at touchscreen and check on the options like picture below.
  9. Preparation complete, have fun.


  • To play the game, all you need to do is click the iso file.
  • Steps above only need at fresh install.

Download support files

thank to myGIGLE for screencap

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