Install Blackberry application (.bar) via Wireless


Install BB aplication via wireless

  1. Go to Setting > Security & Privacy > development mode
  2. Switch ON
  3. If CommandLineTolls already extract, you`ll saw 3 folder : bin, lib and blackberryinstall-bb-application-01
  4. At Windows, click Start > run, type: cmd
  5. Change workpath to app installer folder (ex: app2bar)

    cd c:\apk2bar\bin

  6. Type at prompt windows,

    blackberry-deploy -installApp -password <Z10-PASSWORD> -device <IP> -package “C:\”

    • <Z10-PASSWORD> : a password that already made in dev mode
    • <IP> : this is network ip address, not ip address that you saw in development mode
      setting > network connections > wifi > advanced > internet connection > IP address
  7. Wait until installation process doneinstall-bb-application-02


  • Blackberry z10 and pc/Laptop must connect in same area / group
  • Extract CommandLineTools at same folder with apps installer

Download Support File

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