Install Bravia Engine in Sony Xperia Miro


  • Root Sony Xperia Miro, read here or here to root
  • Download and install RootExplorer or other similiar application
  • Download and extract Bravia Engine

Sony Xperia Miro Bravia Engine Installation

  1. Copy Bravia Engine folder to External SDcard
  2. Inside Bravia engine extract folder you`ll find etc folder (bravia engine > system > etc)
  3. Change be_movie and be_photo permissionbravia-engine-permission
  4. now, back to \system folder, find build.prob file
  5. Long push at build.prob icon file, until options come out
  6. Select Open in Text Editor
  7. At the end of line, add this text


  8. Save and reboot
  9. After reboot go to Settings > Display, if you see Bravia Engine option then the installation is success.


  • If you can not edit build.prob, check on mount option. change from R/W to R/O
  • Build.prob is an important file, it`s wise to make a backup the file before make some changes.

Do With Your Own Risk

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Install Bravia Engine in Sony Xperia Miro

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