Install ChainFire3D in Android


  • Make sure your android is already root
  • Download And install ChainFire3D
  • Download and extract Plugin Packege

How to Use ChainFire3D

  1. Open plugin packege extract folder
  2. Inside the folder, you`ll find, and (don`t extract those files), copy to your SDcard
  3. Open ChainFire3d application then install the ChainFire3D driver
  4. Reboot your device
  5. Open ChainFired3D then select option install plugins
  6. Automatically ChainFire3d will detect plugins files at sdcard root, install all of them.
  7. Back to ChainFire3D Menu then select Default open GL Settings.
  8. Choose Use Plugin and select NVIDIA/POWERVR/QUALCOMM.
  9. Done.

Enjoy your 3D games / Tegra

Download Support file

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