Install ClockWorkMod Recovery in Lenovo A800


  • Root Lenovo A800
  • Download and install Mobileuncle.apk
  • Download recovery.img, copy to SDcard
  • Download and install Reboot.apk

ClockWorkMod Recovery Lenovo A800

  1. Run Mobileuncle Tools, allow for superuser
  2. At main menu, select Recovery Update
  3. Choose recovery file in SDcard, then OK
  4. Do Reboot to Recovery Mode

Easy Boot Lenovo A800 to Recovery Mode

Install reboot.apk in your device. It`s easier way to reboot Lenovo A800 to boot in recovery mode. Just click the application and automatically the device will reboot and boot in recovery mode.

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery in Lenovo A800

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