Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on LG G2

install-cwm-recovery-lg-g2ClockWordMod Recovery is one from some custom recovery that android often to use for replace their default recovery. We don`t say that default recovery is not good and must be replace, but there some option feature that default recovery does not have it.

For able to install CWM in LG G2, LG G2 must in root condition. If your device is not root, we suggest to root your LG G2  before read next step.

Install CWM Recovery in LG G2

there is 2 method that you can choose to install CWM recovery in your LG G2. the main different is in RSA Fingerprint message.

Recommended step to install CWM recovery

  1. Extract CWM Recovery that you already download in specific folder.
  2. Make sure that developer option is active
  3. Connect your device to PC / laptop, when RSA fingerprint appears, make sure you accept it.
    this is important step, if you refuse it then CWM recovery will not able to install.
  4. Run file that have name “..recovery.bat” behind it, this file is inside CWM recovery extract folder from previous step.
  5. A command prompt will appear and will go through flashing process to your phone
  6. Wait until the process is done and press any key, the promt windows will close and your phone will reboot into CWM Recovery

Please note that RSA Fingerprint can be hard fo get at times. In some case, it was extremely difficult to make appear. You can try to reconnect your device

Alternative CWM Recovery installation method

In this method you need terminal emulator, file explorer (such as root explorer) and rar extractor for android. Those application can be download in play Google. Rar extractor is not needed if your file is already extract.

  1. make sure CWM Recovery installer folder is already in your device (SDcard)
  2. Move the “g2_security” and “recovery.lok” files to /sdcard/
  3. Open The terminal emulator application, type

    dd if=/sdcard/recovery.lok of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery
    rm /sdcard/g2_security

  4. Reboot your device and enter CWM

How to enter LG G2 Recovery Mode

Method 1: Hold the power button + volume down button until the LG image appears. Once it does let go of the buttons then immediately push and hold them again until recovery boots.

NOTE: The method above will arrive at the “hard reset” area, but when choosing hard reset, it will take you to CWM (without actually resetting).

Method 2: Download the free app “Rebooter” from Google Play. If you have root, you will be able to select to reboot into recovery (among other options).

Do With Your Own Risk

CWM recovery variant for LG G2

download that suitable with your device

Warning!! : If you using Custom recovery (TWRP / CWM) do not ever do update OTA from 80210B to 80210E . In most case your device will brick.
Flash to default recovery before update!!






The official versions all have loki support enabled (and can be disabled if wanted ).
The unofficial versions do not have the wipe cache bug but do haveUSB-OTG capabilities!

for chinesse version (in case if you need the translation)
1) Reboot System
2) Install from ZIP
3) Wipe Data
4) Wipe Cache
5) Backup & Restore
6) Mounts & Storage
7) Power Off
NOTE: The bottom of any submenu always has a right arrow < to go back to the previous menu.

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