Install ClockWorkMod Recovery using Terminal Emulator


  • Download and install Terminal Emulator in your phone
  • Download flash_image
  • Download ClockWorkMod Recovery, rename it become recovery.img
  • put flash_image and ClockWorkMod Recovery in SDcard

Flashing CWM Recovery from Terminal Emulator

  1. Launch terminal emulator
  2. Change user as superuser, type


    the $ symbol wil change to #

  3. Mount and change the permission

    # mount -o remount rw /system

  4. Concatenate flash_image files and set the permission.

    # cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/xbin/flash_image
    # chmod 755 /system/xbin/flash_image

  5. Install the CWM recovery

    # flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

  6. set back the permission for /system and reboot

    # mount -o remount ro /system
    # reboot recovery

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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