Install Custom Recovery and Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270


There is two method to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, the first root is for advance user that like to do step by step. The second method is more simple, even for noob.

Choose once of this method that suitable with your undertanding, remember root Galaxy Ace 3 will void your device waranty.

Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Using Odin


  1. make sure that Samsung USB driver is already installed
  2. Download and extract Odin, place it on your PC / Laptop
  3. Download custom recovery mode (non touch)
  4. Download root, place it in your device.

Install Custom recovery on Galaxy Ace 3

  1. Turn Off your Ace 3.
  2. Run Odin.
  3. Connect your Ace 3 to PC / Laptop using Usb Cable, wait until odin detect your device. it Will show on the box Id:Com
  4. Click at PDA button, find unrtouch.tar that you already download.
  5. Now, you need run the device into download mode. Press and hold Power + Home + Volume[-] buttons and release them after you saw warning at your screen.
  6. Press Volume[+] button to continue.
  7. Back to Odin in your PC / Laptop then click Start Button
  8. Wait until Odin process finish, then remove your Ace 3 from PC / Laptop.

Steps to root Galaxy Ace 3

  1. Once again turn off your device, we need to boot Ace 3 in (custom) recovery mode. Press and hold power + home + Volume[+] buttons.
  2. Choose ” Update From SDcard”
  3. Find and select root file that you saved in your device.
  4. Follow confirmation steps then “reboot system now”
  5. Done, your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is root.

if root success then you will see SuperSU application in your drawer.

Easy Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Well, if you do not like to follow all steps above then you can root your android device using framaroot.

It have a few steps and very simple to do. Good luck!

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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