Install CWM Touch Recovery v5.8.3.1 in HTC ONE V

HTC ONE V CWM Touch Recovery


  • Installed android SDK
  • Download and extract CWM Touch Recovery
  • Download and extract fastboot
  • Place recovery.img that you got from CWM Touch Recovery in fastboot extract folder.
  • HTC One V must in S-Off condition

Install CWM Touch Recovery in HTC ONE V

  1. Go to Settings > Application > Development
  2. Check USB Debugging
  3. Connect to PC / Laptop using USB cable
  4. Open command prompt (win xp: start > run, type: cmd).
  5. Change the workpath

    cd c:\fastboot

  6. Check is device is recognize and connect properly

    fastboot device

  7. Install custom recovery

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  8. Wait until the proccess is finished
  9. Reboot

    fastboot reboot

note: Close HTC Sync application before start to install CWM

Boot in recovery mode

to reach recovery mode you can you do from fastboot
Press and hold Power + Volume[-] buttons until it`s boot in bootloader mode then select recovery

Do With Your Own Risk

Try HTC One V all in one tool kit, it`s a lot easier to unlock, flashing and rooting.

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