Install XLoud Engine in Samsung Galaxy Y

Originally XLoud is a sound processing features from Xperia Series, this process will give the sound sensation for user. XLoud in Samsung Galaxy Y similiar with DSP Manager/Equalizer in ROM. Note from the developer, this XLoud version only works with default music player from ROM.


  • Root Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Download and extract XLoud
  • RootExplorer

Install XLoud in Samsung Galaxy Y

  1. Go to Xloud extract folder, you will find some file that you should copy and paste manually to targeted folder.
  2. Launch RootExplorer
  3. AudioEffectService.apk copy to system/app/ set permission rw-r–r–
  4. com.sonyericsson.audioeffectif copy to system/etc/permission set permission rwxrwxrwx
  5. semc_audioeffectif copy to system/framework set permission rwxrwxrwx
  6. libaudioeffect_jni_iso copy to System/Lib set permission rwxrwxrwx
  7. copy to System/Lib/SoundFx set permission rwxrwxrwx
  8. Go to system/, open and edit Build.Prop, copy this:

    # Xloud Engine

  9. Save and reboot

Feels the different … enjoy it.

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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