iPhone FU vs. iPhone SU

What is the iPhone FU & SU?

iPhone FU (Factory Unlock):

  • ¬†IPhone that can plug the SIM card he wrote directly without the unlock process, because the iPhone is already diunlock type directly from the factory.
  • The advantage is the iPhone FU can be directly used without having to wait for unlock tools first.
  • Another advantage of the iPhone Push Notificationnya FU is running more perfect.

iPhone SU (Software Unlock):

  • IPhone is to be used with a SIM card unlock Indonesia must go through the process, because the iPhone is locked to the carrier of this type of country of origin.
  • Advantages iPhone SU is a more affordable price than the iPhone kind of FU.

How to distinguish the iPhone FU and SU?

If you plan to go abroad and buy an iPhone in there, first check whether the country selling the iPhone FU or SU.
See the link below, the column Locked to carrier, if unchecked means iPhone SU country, if not to say FU.
Check the model number the iPhone (Settings> General> About> model) and compare it to list the model number FU iPhone

Which one to buy, iPhone SU or iPhone FU?

  • If you have enough budget, it is advisable to buy an iPhone FU so as not to trouble in the next firmware update, due more to the front of the Apple iPhone reinforced protection.
  • If the budget is only enough to buy the iPhone SU, no problem, BUT have to pay attention to SU iPhone firmware used and continue to monitor developments unlock tools available. Do any firmware update!

Tips on buying an iPhone in addition to being FU – SU

  • ¬†Make sure the iPhone that it is willing to buy the Apple iPhone, not iPhone replica. Apple iPhone does not have dual SIM card facilities, TV, and Bluetooth that can connect with other handsets. If anyone offers advantages in iPhonenya, we can be sure that the iPhone replica.
  • Another way to check iPhone replica / not to try the touch screen, the original Apple iPhone screen is not responsive when only pressed using a fingernail. If you can use a nail, we can be sure that the iPhone replica.
  • Check the firmware that is used (Settings> General> About> Version). Ask if the version that was to be diunlock (specifically iPhone SU) or dijailbreak (specifically wants menjailbreak iPhonenya).
  • Check the completeness of the standard, the quality of the screen (there deadpixel / no), the Home key function / no, sound speakers (speakers iPhone only one side, left side, while the right is a mic), Accelerometer sensor, etc..
  • Last but not least, make sure you bring your wallet when going to buy an iPhone deal

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