LG Optimus Black Root

LG Optimus Black Root for v10c to up

If you want Root (v10c OS version and above) can use the Super One Click + Root Shell Process, if you have an update to v10e Europe Open, must successfully root in this way:

  1. Download SuperoneClick .
  2. Start SuperoneClick, click Root Shell
  3. When it hangs up on a black CMD windows, close this window. (You Should Root Shell have now)
  4. Unpack the attached file (download link below)in your ADB Folder.
  5. Open a Command Prompt and type

    adb push su /tmp/
    adb push superuser.apk /tmp/

  6. Type adb shell (When Shellroot worked, Should you as a “#” on the shell
  7. Enter the following commands in a shell:

    mount-o rw, remount-t ext3 / dev/block/mmcblk0p8 / system
    cat / tmp / su> / system / bin / su
    cat / tmp / superuser.apk> / system / app / Superuser.apk
    chown root.root / system / bin / su
    06 755 chmod / system / bin / su
    chown root.root / system / app / Superuser.apk
    chmod 0644 / system / app / Superuser.apk

  8. The Phone Will now reboot, after reboot it’s rooted again

Download support file

Download SuperOneClick (19210 downloads)
Download attachment for LG optimus Black Root (1428 downloads)

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