LG Optimus L7 Tweak: Kickass Kernelizer Tweak

This tweak is optional for they how love to play games and open many application. Using this tweak makes LG Optimus L7 have better memory management. But before use this your device must installed V6 superCharger


  • Download KickAss Kernelizer, change file extention from .pdf to .sh
  • Installed root explorer or similar application

Kickass Kernelizer Tweak in Optimus L7

  1. Copy KickAss Kernelizer to SDcard
  2. Open RootExplorer
  3. Make folder init.d in /system/etc/
  4. Open script manager
  5. Choose KickAss Kernelizer
  6. Select Run
  7. you`ll meet options, (K)ickAss Kernel,chew (G)um,KAK (S)tick, (E)xit
  8. type “K” , press enter
  9. type “Y” , press enter
  10. Done

Note: Make sure your run as root before run KickAss Kernelizer, the skull logo must green.

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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