Link Bubble


Link Bubble is a new application which get many commended. Link Bubble has the function of displaying the URL links that are listed in other applications, such as social networking applications as well as browser.

With the Link Bubble you can open a page of the site quickly without closing

or out and the applications that are currently running.Not only that, every link is a URL that You tap, the Bubble will detect Link and open it in the background so that faster page opened.

Link Bubble acts as a browser that can open a web page completely, it’s just faster and lighter.

Various site links can be opened by the Link Bubble, including the YouTube website link can be connecteddirectly with the YouTube application.

The developers claim the application is lightweight anddoes not overload the performance of Android gadgets. In addition, with a Bubble Link your gadget is not burdened with having to run many applications when opening URL links in other applications.

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