Make adhoc connection from laptop (windows7)

I assume that you already read post about Fix Wifi AdHoc Problem.

In this tutorial is how to make adhoc connection in laptop with windows7 as operating system.
Don`t forget, You must have an internet connection in your laptop (in this tutorial using adsl connection).

how to make adhoc connection

Laptop settings

  1. Go to control panel -> network and internet -> network connection
  2. Choose Lan card that using for connection, and then right click -> propertis -> share
  3. Check all options, click OK
  4. Choose Wifi connection, and then right click -> Properties
  5. Now we make a static IP address
  6. go to control panel -> all control panel items -> network and sharing center
  7. For make a Adhoc network, click on wireless network -> add -> choose adhoc network
  8. for security choose open (if you choose WEP type, it cannot detect from your smartphone).
  9. wait for a moment
  10. and you got your adhoc connection

Android settings

  1. Go to Menu -> setting -> wireless and network setting -> wifi settings
  2. Go to Menu -> Advance -> check ‘use static IP’
  3. Done, you can try to connect using wifi adhoc connection (mark * before SSID, mean adhoc wifi)

Note: If your connections fail, try to turn off firewall and anti virus in Laptop

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