Make Android system Stable and battery efficiency

Makes android system stable and efficient battery can done in many ways. Some of them is to turn off application or feature that are not being used.
There are two ways that you can try, but what can only be done if you have the root android.


  • Download Minfreemanager and install in your android
  • Download sysctl config *root*
  • Download busybox, in case sysctl config *root*  need it.
  • Root Android device (MUST!), read here to root android

Setting for MinFreeManager

  1. Open MinFreeManager
  2. Set the paramater

    foreground app = 6 mb
    visible app = 8 mb
    secondary server = 16 mb
    hidden app = 60 mb
    content provider = 70 mb
    empty app = 80 mb

  3. Option -> apply -> aplly at boot

Setting for Sysctl Config

  1. Open Sysctl Config
  2. Set the parameter

    Sysctl suppot = enable
    in free kbites = 16384
    dirty ratio = 90
    dirty background ratio = 55
    VFS cache Pressure = 20
    Oom Allocating task = enable

  3. option -> reboot

With this new setting, Unused applications will be close automatically. Your RAM will be keep around 80Mb.

It`s not like task killer that do a force close, this setting will close unused application with smoothly. Closing with smoothly will make system more smooth and the battery life span is more longger.

Do With your own risk

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