Makes Android have an Old TV effect (CRT Animation)

Old TV effect when turn on/turn off android screen maybe is not a new thing but still it`s worth to know how to make it.
Here`s some video how this effect works.


  • Root Android Phone
  • Installed Java Runtime Environment
  • Download and extract apktool-windows
  • Download and extract apktool.jar
  • Download and install RootExplorer
  • Placed extract files from apktool-install-windows-r04-brut1.tar.bz2 and apktool1.4.1.tar.bz2 in same folder(ex: c:\apktool).

Enable CRT Animation

  1. Go to system\framework
  2. Copy framework-res.apk and paste in apktool folder, Do not cut/move if you don`t want your phone become mulfunction
  3. Open Command Prompt (xp: start > run, type cmd)
  4. Change the work path

    cd c:\apktool

  5. Extract framework-res.apk

    apktool d -f framework-res.apk

    Extract Folder with name framework-res will create inside apktool folder

  6. using windows explorer, go to res/values/
  7. Find bools.xml, then open using notepad/notepad++/whatever
  8. find

    <bool name=”config_animateScreenLights”>true</bool>

    edit become

    <bool name=”config_animateScreenLights”>false</bool>

  9. back to command prompt, we need to recompile the framework-res file

    apktool b -f framework-res

    2 folder will create dist and build, the compile result is in build folder

  10. Go to build folder and copy resources.arsc
  11. Back to apktool folder and open framework-res.apk using winrar/7zip, paste resources.arsc in framework-res.apk root
  12. Copy framework-res.apk and overwrite framework-res.apk in /system/framework using RootExplorer
  13. Reboot


  • Stock ROM can be use for this
  • Some user report that their account has gone and another is loose their notification bar, so prepare for the worst, Always Make A Backup before Modify!
  • This method can be use in various android smartphone, but it may fail in Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini/Mini Pro/Active/Ray, The Solution is using custom rom that have this effect.

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

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