Makes Samsung Galaxy Tab Application show in Fullscreen Mode

Some Samsung Galaxy Tab application or games maybe now show in fullscreen mode, with simple trick you can make this kind of application force to show in fullscreen mode.


  • Download and install “Spare Parts” application

How to makes android application show in fullscreen mode

  1. After the spare parts application installed, launch it.
  2. Scroll down to “compability mode”
  3. Make sure that the check box is not uncheck then Check it
  4. Reboot the Galaxy tab
  5. Once again, launch “Spare Parts” application
  6. Scroll down to “compability mode”
  7. Now make sure that the check box is not uncheck
  8. Reboot the galaxy tab (optional)

Now you can try to run the application that usually cannot show in fullscreen mode. It`s should fix by now.

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