Makes Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc can read removeable device

Sony Ericsson xperia Arc USB port at default is able to regonize Human Interface Device (HID).So, you can easily connect Mouse or keyboad to xperia arc without rooting or install an application.
But for storage device such as hardisk or flashdisk, you need xperia arc that already root. By the way, it`s only fat32 formated hardisk that can read.


  • Root Sony Ericsson Arc
  • Android 2.3.4, baseband .283 or .42
  • USB-OTG cable
  • RootExplorer (or similiar application such as ES file explorer etc)
  • Download and install Q5 USB Memory Manager
  • Download and install Module Loader
  • Download and install USb Storage

How to makes Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc can read storage device

  1. Open Module Loader
  2. Choose SDcard modules
    xperia arc usb otg
  3. Check usb-storage.ko
    xperia arc usb otg
  4. Click on Save button
  5. When it ask “Will insmod 1 modules”, click OK
  6. Plug in your USB flash (anything)
    Usually “unsupported USB device connected” will pop up, just ignore it.
  7. Launch Q5 USB storage
    xperia arc usb otg

    • Select sda1
      depend on what kind usb that you connected, the choise can be sdb,sdc,sdd
      sda is device, and sda 1 is partition
    • Input Point name (ex: usb16gb)
  8. Click on Mount File Sytem
  9. Exit from Q5 USB storage
  10. Lauch RootExplorer
  11. Do Up One Level

    did you see a folder with name that you input before?(ex: usb16gb)

note: if your folder cannot read, repeat from step 7 until a new folder appear.

The storage device that is read and write, so you can easily add or delete inside your usb.
Copy and move data phone to/from usb

Avoid to plug in device that need a loot of power, such as External HDD !!

USB-OTG cable

usb otg cable

Download Support Files

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